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Independent Advice & Institutional Resources

Dimond Financial Advisors is a financial services firm that was developed by working with clients for over 23 years.  Our Clients wanted a firm that they could trust to deliver objective independent financial advice, while at the same time not sacrificing access to institutional resource.

Because Dimond Financial Advisors is an independent firm, we are able to put our client’s interest first. We have no proprietary interest in any of the securities we recommend. We are not employees of a brokerage firm, bank, or mutual fund company. We work only for you!

This does not mean our clients sacrifice access to world class financial services & resources. Through leveraging relationships with our strategic partners, Dimond Financial Advisors can deliver a wide breadth of institutional resources that are second to none.

More value/Less Waste

By focusing exclusively on our clients needs we avoid costs that don’t directly add value to our clients.   We do not have layers of operational management, commercial leases scattered across the country, national ad campaigns, sales force recruiting, costs of turnover, investment banking etc.  Subsequently, we can offer high end financial services at a reasonable price.